Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dreamland Beach

The Dreamland is the name of area where previously is designed as as elite resident. Dreamland is located in the Pecatu countryside around 20 minutes from the Bali's International Airport (Ngurah Rai) or around 20 km from Denpasar. The sunset panorama is also dominating this beach and now many people have come for resting.

Dreamland beach is similiar in nature to the other beaches in Bukit Peninsula, but it is popular not only with the surfers also with the beach lovers. It easy access combined with the pressence of warungs BBQ seafood and cold beer make it attractive to anyone who just wants to get away from the hustle of kuta life. The area has a beautiful beach and panorama, with the high wave reaching 4 meters makes this place become a favorite place for surfers and boogie boards. The wave is hollow, fast and powerful and the quality is standard with reef's (coral, sharp rock with sand) bottom, can only be safely explore by experinced surfer. During the normal day, it will be few people do the surf, but at the weekend this place is crowded.

The sparkling blue wave breaks right on the shore so be careful or you'll be eating sand (and watch out for the rock on the left a couple of meters off shore!!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Balinese Rites and Ceremony

One doesn't have to be the island for very long to appreciate that Balinese life seems to be an endless parades of rites and ceremonies. The combination of Hindu religious rituals and the local "adat istiadat" of the Balinese result in a cycle of event which paces the sun and the moon through the season. Ceremonies also mark the procession of human life from the womb to the grave.

The various ceremonies center on different parts of Balinese life. Ceremonies for the Gods are much different than the ceremonies for human. For example,"Odalan" is a ceremonies for the Godsand the anniversary of a temple;this is the time when God is invited to bless the daily prayers in that temple.

Two of the most visible ceremonies are concerned with human. "Metatah" or the tooth-filing ceremony, is for Balinese 16-18 years of age. This ceremony is as a sign of maturity and indicates that the kids have reached the age where they need more guidance, love and care from their parent. Perhaph the best known ceremony is "Ngaben", the cremation ceremony to purify the soul of the death. Many visitors to Bali find themself enthralled by the cremation ritual, which can go for days with much pomp and celebration.

Another highly visible ceremony is "Galungan", which occurs every 210 days (it's timed to the Balinese calender). this Balinese festival celebrates a day of victory againts an the notorius Mayadenawa, an evil king that ruled in Bali in centuries ago. "Kuningan day", 10 days after Galungan, is the day to commemorate the spirit of the heroes who were killed during the battle againt Mayadenawa.