Friday, February 19, 2010

Ultimate Beach Destinations Located All Around The World

Everyone wants to spend their vacations in a destination that is surrounded by pristine beaches, exotic locations, turquoise water, mesmerizing lagoons and the calm sea. There are numerous beaches in this world which are famous of their dazzling environment, balmy nights, marvelous sunsets and amazing night life.

Whether you are planning your destination wedding, a honeymoon or a family vacation, a beach destination would be the perfect option for you. Beaches provide excitement and thrill to vacationers as they provide you fun filled water sports and a great ambiance. For your benefit, let me now tell you about the top beaches that are ideal for your vacation trip.

1. Anse Source d'Argent This is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is an archipelago in Seychelles that is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is well known for its weathered granite boulders, secluded beaches, arching palm trees, pink sand and idyllic lagoons. Here you can enjoy numerous water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, surfing and snorkeling. Various luxurious resorts are located all around the place which provides you world class services.

2. Miami Beach, United States Miami Beach is located in Florida, United States of America. It is one of the most exotic beaches that is usually crowded all the year round. People who come here enjoy jet-skiing and surfing in the clear crystal warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are lucky you can also spot a famous movie star here.

3. Ipanema Ipanema is famous for its twin mountain peaks, wonderful mosaic boardwalk, Capoeira dancers, fashionable spread of bars and eateries, exhilarating clubs and astounding night life.

4. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Visiting this place can really be a unforgettable experience for you because this beach is not only famous for its perfect beauty but is also known for its extremely diverse locations. Near Sea of Cortez, the water is clam and the beaches are covered with white sand.

5. Paradise Beach Paradise Beach is situated on the Greek isle of Mykonos and it is an ideal destination for you. This place has something for everyone and here you can enjoy the deep-blue Aegean Sea, discos, bars, restaurants, abundant aquatic life, sparkling sandy coves, vibrant coral and fauna, great hedonistic scenes and the striking sunrise.

I am sure this article would really help you to choose a good beach for your honeymoon of extended vacation trip.
By Carol Pitt

Reasons For Choosing Holiday Cottages For You Next Holiday

There are many reasons why holiday cottages are increasing in popularity for british holidays.

Holiday cottages offer a home away from home; you have none of the formalities of a hotel, you can come and go as you please, and holiday cottages are especially great for families with small children as they pose none of the stresses foreign holidays do.

Holidays in cottages are self-catering, meaning there are no worries about finding a restaurant in a foreign destination that has something small children will be able to eat, and many cottages allow you to bring along your dog if you so wish, which means it's truly a holiday the whole family can participate in!

Holiday cottages offer great bases from which to investigate and explore destinations within Britain - and there are many great ones. The south coast is particularly great for beaches, so if it's a family beach summer holiday that you want, head to Dorset, Cornwall or Devon and explore a different beach every day.

Cornwall in particular offers little hidden gems like no other county. There are tiny hidden coves around the coast that were used by smugglers trying to smuggle their wares into Britain without detection by authorities, and hidden staircases carved into the rocks that provide endless fascination for children and adults alike.

Holiday cottages aren't only for families, however; they're also great for romantic getaways for two. Why not stay nearby to a city so that you can have the best of both worlds? You can enjoy relaxing countryside walks, pack picnics and go off for the day exploring amongst the wildlife, immersed in nature.

Then, when you fancy re-joining civilisation, you can take a trip into a city. Britain has some fantastic cities, each with their own personality and vibe.

Scotland's two largest cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, really do offer something for everyone. Glasgow has a great arts scene and an edgy contemporary culture. This city has seen great improvement and investment in recent years, and is a very up-and-coming destination.

Edinburgh is steeped in years of history, with a glorious castle in the city centre on top of a hill. If shopping is your favourite pass time, you'll feel at home here with all the usual high street favourites. There is also a wealth of great restaurants here, accommodating all tastes and budgets, from the Michelin starred Kitchin to the many authentic but value for money Indian restaurants, there's plenty to explore.
By Dominic Donaldson

Golfing holiday to Mallorca a great summer getaway

As the UK continues to shiver under a wet and cold snap which may feel to many like it has been going on for months, Brits' minds may wander to sunnier climes, exotic locations and the chance to enjoy activities they may be avoiding at home due to the weather.

And with a wide range of luxury villas in Mallorca, the island could prove to be a great place for British holidaymakers to go to escape the chilly UK.

Mallorca, the largest of the Spanish Balearic islands, has long been a favourite holiday destination for Brits and those with a passion for sport could also find it a brilliant spot to head to.

Many of the island's properties are villas with private tennis courts, which means that active holidaymakers can relax on their break but also keep up with their fitness routine and perfect their serve. However, the island's 20 golf courses also make it a perfect spot for those who love nothing more than teeing off and spending an afternoon strolling the green in the warmth of the Spanish sun.

There are many villas with late availability in Mallorca, so those who fancy a last-minute jaunt to an exotic spot may also favour the destination.

Teeing off under the Spanish sun

The island of Mallorca has long been seen as a haunt for those who love to play golf. It is home to some 20 golf courses and no matter what type of course keen players are looking for, they are sure to find it here.

A luxury villa in Mallorca could prove an ideal base from which to check out the wide range of golf courses on offer.

Those who want to spend a whole afternoon putting a golf ball around a green may find that Son Vida Golf, Golf De Poniente or Real Golf De Bendinat are good places to choose, as all these venues offer 18-hole courses.

Visitors to the island after a quicker game so they have chance to head to Mallorca's famous beaches and top up their tan could pay a visit to Golf Pollenca, Golf Son Servera and La Rotana Golf, all of which offer nine-hole play.

In recent years, Mallorca has pumped a lot of cash into upgrading and improving its golf courses, so even those who have travelled to the island and stayed in a luxury villa before could find a visit to a golf course an ideal part of a holiday.

Teeing off on a golfing holiday in Mallorca could give Brits the chance to enjoy the island from another angle and many of the courses offer great views of the beautiful Spanish countryside or impressive Mallorca coast.

Where to spend the evening on a golfing holiday on Mallorca

While holidaymakers could easily spend all their time on Mallorca exploring the wide range of golf courses on offer or practising their backhanded serve on their villa's private tennis court, there is much else to do on the Spanish isle.

After a day spent strolling the fairway of one of its 20 golf courses, holidaymakers may fancy a refreshing drink or tasty meal. And like much of Spain, the island really does offer an unrivalled variety of restaurants and bars.

Visitors can take their pick from traditional Spanish tapas bars, Mexican restaurants, pizza places and Indian cuisine.

Chinese restaurants are also common on the island and could be ideal for those wanting something a little different on a holiday to Mallorca. After a meal, there are plenty of places to head to for a drink, a dance and a chance to relax.

Mallorca has it all - quiet and trendy bars, up-tempo cabaret clubs and huge nightclubs ideal for those who really want to dance the night away and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of every day life at home.

And after an evening of fun, where better for people to rest their heads for the night than in their own luxury Mallorca villa? Hiring a villa gives unrivalled privacy and the chance to truly relax and get away from it all, and is the best option for those heading to Mallorca for a golfing break.
By Dipika Patel

Thailand Holiday Specials Available Now!

Have you been searching for the best Thailand specials to take advantage of? Do you feel that getting away to another place, experiencing a variety of cultures and in dwelling in nature will be great for you? Then you don't have to look around anymore. The opportunity of all this lies right at your feet!

"Best Beach" offer you all of this at a great price range, where you can experience Kata Bay in Phuket...and this is just the start. This particular area stretches 1300 yards of pristine white sandy beaches. There are 12 hectares of flourishing gardens with adjustable lighting that provides you with the setting of the mood for romantic walks beneath the exotic towering palm trees. It is well worth it when you find Thailand specials that offer you this type of travel opportunity. You can now travel to Club Med Bali or Phuket on Air Malaysia before the 25 of September for under R12, 000.00, by making a booking today - savings like this have simply never been seen before!

We all know that the 2010 World Cup is coming up soon, and some of us don't want to be involved in any way, this time period would offer the perfect time to getaway and enjoy a much deserved holiday. You can now take your family away for up to two weeks with Club Med, which offers you an unbelievable offer where you can save up to R2500.00 on your holiday package which includes a return airfare, 7 nights' accommodation in a specific room type, breakfast, lunch and supper at a table with wine, local beer and soft drinks, an open bar during the day and evening including snacks, a range of sporting activities and much more.

Make the right choice and contact "Best Beach" today to get the opportunity to take advantage of the greatest Thailand Specials that the world has to offer. Affordable family getaways and quality relaxation are a mere phone call away. Book your trip to Thailand with Best Beach today!
By Jaime Wium

Luxury Bali villas add a new dimension to your holiday

Bali is just not about the beaches and sand; it is also about the luxurious places to stay. Luxury Bali villas represent the numero uno experience in leisure. With personalized services inside the Bali luxury villas you would really feel like royalty. With the personalized chef, pool, spa treatment, kitchen, sprawling bathroom d├ęcor, it is surely going to take your breath away. Adding to the experience will be the variety of sites that you can visit in this island, to experience the rich culture of this land.

What sets this beautiful island of Bali apart from the other destinations is the warmth and serenity. The famous beaches may not be the only attractions that can entice you. There are a gamut of activities on the land that are worth a mention. It really starts from the place that you stay. The Luxury Bali villas represent the meeting point of culture and royalty. The locations of these villas are wonderfully thought out to ensure that you feel close to nature and enjoy complete solitude. The staff members are so trained to efficiently perform their chores without intervening in your personal space.

Bali luxury villas usually have a three-bedroom layout and a few one-bedroom layouts depending on the number of people who are with you. Each unit sports a private swimming pool, cooking space, bathrooms en-suite and lavish tropical garden. You sure must be already getting the picture of laid back comfort, touch of class and truly immaculate arrangement. Getting out of your castle when you venture out, a barefoot walk on the sandy clean beaches along the blue green water would feel like heaven. If you are adventurous, dive into the glistening water under the clear blue sky and you can soak in the feeling of being one with nature. These untouched beaches also are a sight to behold in the evening and great places for activity in the night.

Don't confine yourself to the boundaries of your beautiful Luxury Bali villas, even though you might be tempted to. Bali represents a cauldron of cultures and the same can be seen in the fabulous market places and museums. There is the Kuta art market and poppies Lane I and II in Kuta area that is worth a visit for its batik dresses. Denpasar is known for the Badung market and the bird market. The Ubud area sports the Ubud art market where you would get the aromatherapy oils, herbs and flowers. The Sunar art market offers a beautiful collection of wood carvings, paintings and other form of handicrafts. Make sure to return for the sumptuous dinner and entertainment programs of the Bali luxury villas.

You can also take to the high seas with the cruise. A luxury cruise would really seal the deal for your special loved one. There cannot be better intimate moment than on a cruise ship alone in the ocean, watching the waves, the sun and watch your worldly worries disappear. When you return to the Luxury Bali villas, ask your reception help to assist you in getting a local guide and traveling vehicle to visit the beautiful lakes strewn in the centre of the island. There are green paddy fields which are absolutely perfect for a walk and few Kodak moments. Come home to the hot water bathtub with a cool drink to go with, at the Bali luxury villas after the tiring day on the island. This sure will make your holiday plans this year go up in the list of priorities, because you only have one life, give it your best.
By Gautam Punajbi